Why am I not getting dick pics?

I joined OkCupid two months ago and I have yet to receive any pictures of genitalia. Not that I’m upset about it for real, but is there something wrong with me? Is there some reason someone wouldn’t want to send me a dick pic? I’m a decent looking girl. I guess I have a face that easily makes me look ten years younger than I actually am, but isn’t that a turn on for perverts?

I am a woman and I was promised dick pics God Damn It!

Just kidding! But I have heard these horror stories from other women about these depraved weirdos that send messages to every woman in a 400 mile radius while sending pictures of themselves wearing their grandma’s underpants, or clown makeup.

I have yet to receive one of these pictures and quite frankly I’m starting to feel left out.
Kidding not kidding.


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