Dating is hard!

I need a break.

I am one of those people that values their alone time and needs copious amounts of it to feel like a normal human being. It’s not that I’m doing anything particularly constructive with my time, usually I’m just staring at a wall or my computer screen, but I NEED that time! Lately with all of the dating and my upcoming unscheduled move, I’ve started to feel less like myself, and more like a cyborg.

That’s why I’ve decided to suspend my OkCupid account. Yes! I’ve done the unthinkable. From what I’ve heard about their algorithms, sometimes you are heavily promoted and sometimes you aren’t. A few of the things you can do to get better quality matches is to either be really active about answering questions and adding more pictures, or you can suspend your account. Since I’m too lazy to update, suspension is my only option.

I figure this time to myself will afford me all of the luxuries I’ve denied myself over the past two months. Also, I want to get messages that are more thought out than “hey cutie, hows ur weekend?”

What to do with my sabbatical…

I could practice playing guitar more. This is something I’ve slowly been trying to get back into over the last year.

I could actually get outside and go for a hike. It’s supposed to be 63 degrees today and I am still in my pajama jammie jams nursing a cold cup of coffee at 11 am. I am a lazy pile of crap.

I could actually start the search for a new place to live. At the end of the moth I’ll be homeless, so this one is kind of a big deal.

I could start watching Breaking Bad, it’s this show on Netflix that not many people have heard of. The people in the circles I run in say it’s great!

Or, and this is the most plausible possibility: I could get dressed, drink more coffee, and hit up Goodwill. It’s my favorite activity. Also, I am a huge loser.

Wish me luck on my journey!



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