The Final Countdown…

…and no I don’t mean this badass song, I mean until 12 hours from now when I go from being an expectant mom to just another barren old maid.

The past month has been incredibly hard and lonely. Perhaps one of the worst heartbreaks I’ve ever experienced. I found out I was pregnant very early on, so I had lots of time to make the decision. Maybe it would have been easier if I made the appointment right away, but I wanted to feel that life growing inside of me. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. Aside from throwing up a couple of times, I’ve been very lucky in the pregnancy department. Besides the constant sexual arousal and my stomach turning into a bottomless pit, I haven’t had any other symptoms. Who knows, maybe this means my kid would have turned out like Damien from The Omen. Maybe I’m doing the entire world a favor.

Who knows…all I do know is that by this time tomorrow I’ll be alone again. No tiny little blueberry inside of my tummy telling me to eat yet another burger.

Damn that kid loved his burgers.


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