Mama said there’ll be days like these

Like all bad children, I don’t call my parents nearly enough.

Over the past few years our conversations have gone from the once a week call on Sunday to a once every few months call whenever I feel like I can bear it.

It’s not that I don’t like them or we have a bad relationship, it’s just that I have nothing to say.

I work, hike, play, that’s it.

Obviously there’s no life partner to speak of, so I really never have any exciting updates.

I can tell my mother wants me to have someone in my life but she feels like she will hurt my feelings if she brings it up, so she tip toes around the subject as gracefully as possible. She knows I spend time with a “friend” named Justin, and like all mothers, she knows there is more than just a friendship there, but she never pushes it.

Tonight however, she brought up the dreaded grandchildren talk.

“You only have a couple of years left to come up with a house full of grandchildren”


Of course she doesn’t know about the abortion, but maybe she has a sort of sixth sense that fills her in on my more epic life events.

I didn’t really have a response and was silent for a minute when she followed it with “I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t know what to do with grandchildren anyways. Besides, my eye sight is getting bad, I would just end up losing them.”

My mother is only 51

Immediately after that, she told me about a dream she had where she spoke with my deceased uncle. In the dream she hugged him and asked if she was dead.

He said no, but that she would be in 8 or 9 years.

It sent chills up my spine.

On second thought, maybe shit like this is the reason I don’t call my parents.


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