The Mission:

I think there is this misconception that people my age (mid 30’s) should have their shit together.

I most certainly do not.

I am just another human being trying to get through life alive.

My goal with this blog is to keep record of my life with all the wonderful and terrible things it entails. I’ll be talking about work, friendships, dating and sex because my misadventures are hilarious. Did I mention the fact that I live in Portland, OR.? In the brief time I’ve lived in this city, I have discovered that “Portlandia” is more documentary than fanciful IFC show.pdxweird

What it all boils down to is some of my struggles could also be your struggles. I might not always deal with them the same way you would, but isn’t that the point of reading a stranger’s blog? To see how other people do it and to laugh at their misfortune?



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