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Depression can be a dirty, dirty bitch

Ok, here’s my thoughts:

Depression is the absolute worst.

There is a really wonderful description I read once that likened it to being stuck in a river where the water is rushing around you rapidly. There are people on the shore urging you to just get out of the water, but they’re so far away and your arms are so tired.

Once in a while you find a rock to lean against for support and to catch your breath…but eventually that rushing river will sweep you away again, its only a matter of time.

That is depression.

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Mama said there’ll be days like these

Like all bad children, I don’t call my parents nearly enough.

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I’ve Got a Pocketful of Sunshine

Here’s another rambling for you…

Most days have been okay since taking Zoloft.

Sure, once in a while I have a bad one, but it’s never out of control.

I knew today was going to be a problem when I woke up and just wanted to check out how far along my baby would be.

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Sweet Surrender

There’s a drinking sweet spot when you deal with clinical depression.

It’s easy to go from “God, I had a bad day I need a drink”


“I had a drink, things are nice and fuzzy”


“Oh NO! why am I alone?!”

The key is to stop at the warm and fuzzy, comedy stage.

That’s where I am currently residing…

but I don’t see myself staying here long.

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

It’s official, I have now seen everything!

I just want everyone to know this so you don’t end up fainting in your bathroom like I almost did.


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