“Said he’ll see me on the flip side…”

On a nice uplifting note, I’ve actually had far more contact with Justin than I expected to!

I fully expected him to ride off in the sunset and hear nothing but radio silence until he stepped foot back in the states.

If at all.

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My Favorite Game

Yesterday I had my first “Mental Health” appointment. It sounds ominous, but I assure you, the entire ordeal was pretty tame.

Basically, I told my doctor a couple of weeks ago that I was suffering some severe guilt over my decision to have an abortion. I had however, neglected to tell her that I have been dealing with crippling depression my entire life.

This is something a primary care physician might not pick up on, but a mental health counselor most certainly will.

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At what point will I be able to look back on this abortion and think “yeah, that was the best choice, I’m glad I did that?”

When I walked into work today, one of our managers was in covering for another employee. I asked her what was up and she said one of the workers in another store called in sick so people were filling in and moving spots around all over. My friend Sarah, is the one that called out. I only see Sarah 3 or 4 times a year, mostly we just communicate via email.

Imagine my surprise when the manager said that Sarah called out because she was having complications with her pregnancy!

I didn’t even know Sarah was pregnant. Not only that, but she is due on the same day I was due. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. Read the rest of this entry

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’de have no luck at all…”

I was laying in bed just now wondering why I wanted to go outside so badly yet couldn’t move at all.

Just yesterday I went on an awesome hike and enjoyed the summer heat.

Today, I am an immobile lump of soft flesh.

Why, oh why could that be?

Oh yeah, today is the day my doctor wanted me to increase my dose!

Hey, maybe this works for some people, but I’m not doing so well. Still, I’ve personally committed to 6 weeks, if I still can’t leave my house after that then I’m done!

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She Bop, He Bop, A We Bop

There is something to be said about the weight loss effects of Zoloft when a person first starts using it. Sure, the work out routine that I had previously started has completely gone out the window, but the explosive diarrhea, acid belly heartburn, and inability to eat has more than made up for that in the calories in vs. calories out department.toilet

As of this morning I am down to 169 lbs. Read the rest of this entry

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