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Heart in a Cage

I decided to start the OkCupid back up again. I realized almost instantly that it was probably a bad decision as the messages started pouring in. I honestly don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Guys can be so gross, but to be fair, girls can be way worse. I was trying to update my profile to be a bit more depressing instead of the cheerful bubbly girl that I initially portrayed myself as since I’ll probably never get that back, but the messages kept coming in and interrupting me.

“Hey girl what are you up to?”

“Wanna go salsa dancing?”

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Working on my night cheese

Last night I had a dream that my best friend in the entire world was Shoshanna from “Girls”. This could never happen in reality because I would probably strangle her if I had to spend any extended amount of time with her, but that’s besides the point, in the dream she was my best friend and we were discussing relationships.

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The End is The Beginning is The End-Part 1

Abortions suck. I have come out of the other end of the rabbit hole a much wiser person. The person that entered the rabbit hole was a scared child that desperately wanted to find a way to raise the child that was growing inside of her. The person writing this blog entry now has realized that was foolish and has also died a little inside

…wow that got really intense for a sex and dating blog! But I feel it’s important to talk about in relation to sex and dating because it’s all part of the same story. People get pregnant. Shit happens. You give birth or you don’t. That’s life. Read the rest of this entry

Whoopsie Daisy

Hey guys, remember that March 7th period I was supposed to have?
Well, when I woke up on March 10th with still no sign of my disgusting monthly friend, I started to panic. While Justin and I had been pretty cautious during our sexual adventures, we do tend to drink a lot…and sometimes that can lead to trouble.

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A Bad Romance-Part One

Once upon a time a beautiful, young(ish) girl in a new city decides to go on a pub crawl to check out her neighborhood and drink beer with strangers. She is one of the first to arrive because she’s punctual and believes in being places on time. She enters the first bar and instantly hits it off with the three other people there. They talk for the next 45 minutes about their lives and the forces that had brought them to Portland. When it’s time to hit the next bar, the girl, turns towards the exit and almost plows down a jolly round faced guy holding a fresh beer.

“Are you guys part of the pub crawl?” he asked expectantly.

“Yeah, but we’re headed to our next destination right now so you’d better chug that mother fucker quick” she says to him as she high-fives him and walks out the door. Read the rest of this entry

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