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Heart in a Cage

I decided to start the OkCupid back up again. I realized almost instantly that it was probably a bad decision as the messages started pouring in. I honestly don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Guys can be so gross, but to be fair, girls can be way worse. I was trying to update my profile to be a bit more depressing instead of the cheerful bubbly girl that I initially portrayed myself as since I’ll probably never get that back, but the messages kept coming in and interrupting me.

“Hey girl what are you up to?”

“Wanna go salsa dancing?”

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Working on my night cheese

Last night I had a dream that my best friend in the entire world was Shoshanna from “Girls”. This could never happen in reality because I would probably strangle her if I had to spend any extended amount of time with her, but that’s besides the point, in the dream she was my best friend and we were discussing relationships.

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Dating is hard!

I need a break.

I am one of those people that values their alone time and needs copious amounts of it to feel like a normal human being. It’s not that I’m doing anything particularly constructive with my time, usually I’m just staring at a wall or my computer screen, but I NEED that time! Lately with all of the dating and my upcoming unscheduled move, I’ve started to feel less like myself, and more like a cyborg.

That’s why I’ve decided to suspend my OkCupid account. Yes! I’ve done the unthinkable. Read the rest of this entry

Why am I not getting dick pics?

I joined OkCupid two months ago and I have yet to receive any pictures of genitalia. Not that I’m upset about it for real, but is there something wrong with me? Is there some reason someone wouldn’t want to send me a dick pic? I’m a decent looking girl. I guess I have a face that easily makes me look ten years younger than I actually am, but isn’t that a turn on for perverts?

I am a woman and I was promised dick pics God Damn It! Read the rest of this entry

Confusing love and chewy bites with Justin

I’ve been seeing this guy Justin since just after Christmas. He was another OkCupid acquisition and boy was I excited to meet him. He was only the second person I had actually booked a date with from the site so I was still apprehensive about the entire thing. That was until we had an amazing first date.

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