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“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’de have no luck at all…”

I was laying in bed just now wondering why I wanted to go outside so badly yet couldn’t move at all.

Just yesterday I went on an awesome hike and enjoyed the summer heat.

Today, I am an immobile lump of soft flesh.

Why, oh why could that be?

Oh yeah, today is the day my doctor wanted me to increase my dose!

Hey, maybe this works for some people, but I’m not doing so well. Still, I’ve personally committed to 6 weeks, if I still can’t leave my house after that then I’m done!

_damoiselle_pills-wtf (2)

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Gimme that Z….O.L.O.F.T

It’s almost been an entire month since I’ve posted. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Some of the darkness has subsided and I’m starting to feel a smidge better with “mother’s little helper” (more on that later) so I guess things are looking good!

I decided to lose some of the “Comfy Justin Flubber” I seem to have gained since January. It’s that gooey midsection area that only comes from eating sandwiches, drinking beer, and having the sex in bed with the person you love. We’ve all been there and I regret nothing. Now that he’s gone though, I gotta try and get in shape. Not just to get my sexy bod back, but also for hiking/health purposes.

I’m ashamed to admit this but I get winded really easily.


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